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3668 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Recent Reviews

103 Lenox Drive, Bonaire, GA, USA
by Anonymous

Be aware of mice infestations in the winter, huge roaches in the summer, and months before any any action taken on landlord's part. Wiring has fried 2 flat screen TVs and 2 Xbox game systems. Dryer vents ...
54 King Street East, Bowmanville, ON, Canada
by Anonymous

Beautiful building at first glance with unique apartments and historic architecture, which is why we moved in. Then once you spend more than a few minutes in the place you realize how shoddily everything has ...
225 North Lancaster Street, Athens, OH, USA
by Anonymous

Rented this unit for 2 years and I had a great experience! Landlord is trustworthy, friendly, and wonderfully responsive. They live very close to this rental and would come over immediately if I needed any ...