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I am responding to this post as I am Cheryl and Anthony's rental agent for their buildings which consists of 2 six units and a 3 unit! All of their units are in excellent condition and all are equipped with smoke alarms and are in great condition! I find it funny that this tenant lived in their other property and when they were offered a bigger unit they jumped at! Once they were in that unit they thought it would be ok to abuse their privileges!! I have been in every one of their units and have never once saw any evidence of mold anywhere! They take pride in their units and believe me they are fantastic people and landlords and if they had scummy rentals I wouldn't waste my valuable time taking them, screening them !! Disgruntled tenants don't have a right to report good landlords when they in fact tried to help them out!! They left the place filthy with broken blinds a broken closet door, several holes in the walls among other things! I saw it right after they left and Cheryl was so embarrassed that she had showed it to me before she went through it!! Does that sound like a slumlord? Before you post awful disgusting things about a landlord get the facts straight!! If you live like a pig, don't blame a landlord when they want you out!!

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