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123 Rue Jacquemet, Cowansville, QC, Canada

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February 16, 2017
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This has to be the worst landlord i have ever rented from. In 2015 there was a leak in the roof. They refused to fix anything for months and months. They sent their drunk 90 maitenence man over to patch things up. I had my bedroom ceiling collapse, my kitchen had pots everywhere to catch all the water that was dripping from the ceiling. Once they did their patch job, we thought the issues were over. NOPE, I moved a book case looking for somethign and the ENTIRE WALL was mold. I mean black mold. It was coming out of the wall. The windows also have black mold all over them. I asked them to change the walls and make sure the mold wasnt everywhere. they called me crazy and told me it was my fault as I was "DIRTY". Im sorry i have such bad asthma and allergies i have to vacuum and mop daily, I am in no way dirty. The Landlord spoke down to me as if i was uneducated and he also threw in some sexists remarks. I had many repairs done in my apartment all done very half asses by the drunk 90 yr old. Then when I got a drs note to break the lease HE REFUSED IT. im pregnant with twins in a high risk pregnancy you would think he would try and have some compassion and let me pack my stuff and move while im off bed rest. But no. he told me i was stupid and didnt understand the rights of a renter. I was responsible for the lease and every month not paid he would take me to court.

I told him i would then find a subletter to take over the lease he laughed at me and told me that he would find one if it came to that and they would have to pass all these evaluations, which basically means he wasnt going to let us out of our lease at all.

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