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15947 Crowley Road, Conroe, TX, USA

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September 12, 2017
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This is a lovely complex of 3 duplexes in the country, on a five-acre property bordered by woods. There was very little turnover of tenants and everyone took care of the place. Last year, a new owner/manager took over (Chris Grahek, Arrowhead Investments LLC) and the problems began. Mr. Grahek evicted or otherwise drove out everyone who lived here by his invasiveness and regularly gossiping about tenants to other tenants -- including divulging personal, private information including income, employment status, health issues, legal matters, living arrangements, and child custody/child support situations. When confronted about this problem he denies everything. He "reserves the right" to enter any unit without notice, regardless of the law. He peeps in windows. He disposes of tenants' personal property without permission.

Last year, a water park opened up down the street. This is a residential street, but somehow the owners of the water park acquired the permits to operate this business. There is a great deal of increased traffic on our rural road now, people speeding up and down the street, and they play extremely loud music at all hours of the day and night. When we voiced our concerns over this to the owner/landlord, hoping he might be able to say something to the owners of the park about the noise issue, his response was "that's what you get for living in an unincorporated area" (it is NOT an unincorporated area).

The rent is a bit high for the size of the units, and the fact that there are few amenities (e.g., no dishwasher or disposer, no laundry facilities unless you bring your own, and VERY little storage space).

Pets are allowed, and some of the tenants allow their dogs to roam off-leash, which means poop in front of YOUR unit This is another issue that has been addressed to the owner/landlord, but nothing is ever done about it.

Renters beware.

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