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1775 North 1200 East, North Logan, UT, USA

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September 13, 2017
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To whom is considering renting from Roger Anderson, the landlord of this home. If you've ever heard of the term nosy neighbor then you can imagine what life is like living right next door to your landlord who believes everything you do is his business because your living in his home. He does not respect tenant rights nor tenant privacy. You must read the fine print in his rental agreement or you're in for an unpleasant surprise. He actually wrote in our lease agreement that if we were out of town that he had the right to allow family to stay in our home during the duration that we were out of town. He also cleverly wrote into the lease that he is allowed to enter onto the property anytime he likes under the auspices of taking care of the lawn, watering, and landscaping. And he used that oppurtunity to spy on us every chance he got. If you have repairs that need fixed he will determine if it costs too much and make an excuse. For example, our kitchen dishwasher sprung a leak and flooded underneath the floor linoleum and the plumber was sent in to fix the dishwasher. The plumber told Roger that he needed to pull up the floor to dry out the water damage but Roger insisted it would dry fine on its own, to which the plumber replied that the water that was soaked into the floor wouldn't dry in 100 years. Roger then replied that he just spent thousands on another property of his and he didn't want to pay out to fix this mess at this address. Over the months the wet moldy walls could be seen in the basement storage where the water seeped into the walls. Anyone who knows anything about mold knows that it can cause health problems in humans but Roger is more concerned about his wallet than tenet health. Also, we setup paying Roger the utilities in his name and every year he kept the extra money that was paid into the utility bills because we were on a standard monthly billing plan that mitigated the extra costs in the winter time. But if we went over the monthly limit any money owed at the end of the year Roger would be asking for payment. If you plan on using the garden or work shed in the back, forget about it. Roger makes sure only to rent out part of the property making the work shed and garden under his control to use. The black pavement on the right of the house is also his private parking for him and his kids to use so forget about parking a boat or an RV there even though its on your rental property. Roger is extremely passive aggressive if you question his authority and will retaliate. When I finally got fed up with Roger prancing over onto my leased property because he was mowing my lawn at 10pm at night without giving me the courtesy of asking if it would be okay, I kicked him off the property and demanded 24 hour notice before coming onto my leased property. So his reaction was to evict me with a 30 day no cause order. This means that I didn't do anything that broke the terms of my lease and the landlord wanted complete control and will get rid of anyone that stands up for their tenant rights. You've been warned. Don't fall for his goody two shoes mormon act. He's a wolf in sheeps clothing. Living next door to Roger is like living back at home with your parents wanting to know everything your up to and he will not hesitate to use anything you do or say against you if you upset him. So if he's asking about your personal life tell him to go eff himself cuz he is NOT your friend. Do yourself a favor and pick a different home that is miles away from your landlord. He especially paranoid about tenants moving out in the middle of the night. I sold a piano and the buyers showed up with a moving trailer and Roger was calling me up wanting to know what's going on because his kids are his little spies watching the house and letting daddy know everything that goes on there. I feel sorry for Roger's wife, she's so sweet and nice but Roger you'll wish you never met after he passive aggressively does everything in his power to screw you over if you stand up for your tenant rights and demand he give you proper notice before coming onto the property. He's a power tripper and he treats tenants like his employees. He's a manager at Macy's and he's forgotton how to leave his manager role at work.