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190 Campbell Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

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July 16, 2017
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Do not ever rent from this amateur landlord it was the biggest mistake myself, and the friends that lived there before me ever made. The 'landlord' is as unprofessional as it gets. Repairs only get done after an abusive interaction where she blames you (Ex. I didn't have a lock on my front door for over a month and somehow it was my fault it broke when the lock was probably 20 years old and had been causing problems years before me as per other tenants), impossible to talk to, mean, unfair, was not honest with me at any point when she could have been about the status of another tenant staying so she could keep my deposit, and generally all around the most unpleasant awful person I have ever dealt with or met! Will call you names, call you screaming, like all around legit crazy. Oh yeah, she also tried to put that I can't flush toilet paper down the toilet on my lease. Insane, right? Also neighbour downstairs is horrible and will harass you about any normal sounds of life. Probably the most unpleasant and negative environment I have ever lived in. Don't do it! Also the place is poorly maintained. I do not recommend it! If there was an option to give no stars on everything I would!