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30 June Street, Fall River, MA, USA

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September 3, 2016
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Landlord is a very nice man, but he owns multiple properties as well as works full-time so he is spread very thin. The apartments themselves are very nice, new floors and cabinets and bathrooms. The basement unit smells very musty in the summertime and the floor sweats. Pipes freeze in the winter, and the driveway is on a very steep hill which is nearly impossible to drive up when there is any kind of snow. The trash situation is absurd. There are four units in this building and only two trash cans and one recycle. They are always full and overflowing. They have a problem with stray cats and lots of vine like weeds growing all around and on the patio. Although it does have some shortcomings, It is an excellent part of Fall River and on a very quiet street that is safe for walks and it is close to parks.

Property Features

Balcony, Deck, Patio
Pet Friendly
Quiet Block/Street
Safe Neighborhood
Storage Space