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342 Pearl Street, Burlington, VT, USA

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April 20, 2017
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I have lived in the same apartment for four years well because nothing else in burlington allows dogs and cats per it's ridiculously expensive. Let's start with the first year I was here. First of all the people next door when I moved in would have parties almost every night and were once banging on a bingo drum until 4am thankfully they moved out before things really esculated into anything. As far as the building the pipes are loud, the fire alarm goes off from the slightest bit of smoke which has to be turned off by the fire department every time and it's just a really old building that's galling apart. In the first year a pipe busted in the middle of winter and because there was nobody on the middle floor we didn't notice until it went through the middle floor and put a huge hole in our ceiling on the bottom floor. The landlord didn't do anything about this hole for three years it JUST got fixed because I fixed it. There was mom's growing on it when I took it apart to repair. Parking is off street when you can find a spot. People in the surrounding apartments will park in the driveway even though it's not theirs. I have been late to work countless times because I have to knock on every house's door to figure out who's car is in my driveway now. Recently the landlord hired someone to take care of things while he vacations the entire winter so he is completely unreachable. This girl is a COMPLETE C U Next Tuesday. They're selling the building, which is fine we would just get a new landlord, whatever no big deal. Only things is they don't EVER give me or my boyfriend notice before showing the place. As I said i have a dog. Well not only do I have a dog I have a rescue dog who HATES strangers. She isn't afraid to bite whoever walks through the door... that being said they have a key to our apartment which they decided to just walk into whenever the fuck they want with no notice whatsoever.