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58 Stetson Street, Fall River, MA, USA

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February 15, 2017
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Landlords (Cheryl and Anthony Gonsalves) are busy with many apartments so when he comes by to fix something, its always half ass, I moved into their apartment not knowing there were still nails and staples in the hardwood floors, black mold in the bathroom, doors that don't shut completley, windows that don't seal shut, lights that don't work, they don't take care of the yard until the grass is up to your knees then that's when they cut it, your not even allowed to use your front door or driveway, and before moving in they didn't even warn us about the drunk neighbor that always has the cops over. They don't give receipts, they forget if you have a lease or not, they make up 100 liability claims but other apartments are allowed to have rules bent. I would never recommend any of their dump apartments to anybody, worst unprofessional landlords I've ever delt with.

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