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8701 Pinnacle Drive, Frisco, TX, USA

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April 4, 2017
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We rented this property after we sold our home and while we looked for a new one. We were in a bit of a bind after a quick sale and needed a place fast. The rent on this place is high compared to other places in the area, but we were in a time crunch.

The landlords were responsive and fixed all the issues we called about. We had no problems with them until the end of our 6 month lease.

We sent them a list of items wrong with the house before we moved in. They did not acknowledge it and charged us for many of those issues. We replaced the thermostat when the old one went out. They charged us for fixing holes in the wall left by the old thermostat and did not reimburse us for the new thermostat.

We moved into our newly purchased home before the end of the lease and then cleaned the house returning the keys a week early. The utilities were set to shut off on the last day of the lease/month. The landlord called me on the 29th at 4:55 PM. She had waited until the last minute to change the utilities back into her name and they needed 48 hours notice for a transfer. Therefore the utilities were going to be shut off on the 30th and she would not be able to get them back on in her name until the 1st. She acted as though this was all my fault and wanted me to fix it. I tried to call and extend the date as a courtesy, but she called at 4:55. Doesn't really give me any time to do anything either.

I never spoke to her again after that. I received a check with part of my deposit after they had taken $600 out for damages I listed above.

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