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The landlord of this property is absolutely awful! It's very hard to get in contact with him. He never answers his phone and will respond to texts three days later. It takes weeks for the simplest things to get fixed (I needed a new battery for my smoke alarm, but it was twelve feet in the air and I couldn't reach it. He said, "No problem". Two weeks later he replaced it. Two weeks of hearing my smoke alarm beeping all night). The last straw was when he put in my air conditioner. He sent a letter saying he'd be doing it between 10am and 4pm. I thought, "Great. I leave for work at 9. I won't see him." He walked in at 8am WITHOUT KNOCKING! That is highly illegal. Yes, it is his building. Yes, he has a key. But you MUST KNOCK! Because it is my apartment, I could be walking around naked for all he knows. Plus, the rent for a 1 bedroom, tiny apartment was $825/month not including electricity. If you want a pleasant renting experience, go somewhere else.

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