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Landlord is nosey and intolerable. She lives on the first floor of the apartment. There are three floors My husband and I lived on the second floor and moved out after 2 years because she was constantly in our business, calling us and leaving rude voicemails. Someone parked in the driveway one day when it was snowing and she found out from the people who were snow blowing. Landlord gets around in a chair, she is disabled. But she called us and left a voicemail saying “you can’t block me in! You are really inconsiderate young people!!” She didn’t ask if it was us. Or if we could move the car. she just assumed it was us. when the whole time both of our cars were parked in their rightful parking spots. When we first moved in we wanted to put a wicker chair on our front porch next to our door. She wouldn’t allow us to. Even though it’s our door not hers and she never goes out on the front porch because she is disabled! It feels like living with an angry mother. And she’s unreasonable and mad all the time. When we first moved in I put up a solar powered Rope light wrapped around the light pole in the yard. Becuase the light pole does not work. The landlord lives with someone she took in off the streets. You can hear them fighting through the floor. He drinks a lot. One day he came home drunk and he tore down my rope light and put it in the trash. I found it in the trash and realized it was broken. I told the landlord about it and asked to be reimbursed for my damaged property (asked for $15) she said she would but then told me I couldn’t have the wicker chair next to my door becuase I didn’t ask first and it’s HER house. she never paid me back for breaking my rope light. If something breaks like the dishwasher for example. The landlord will send her brother into your home to fix it without telling you when he will be there. We did not like having someone in our home when we were not there.. and not aware they were going to be there. The neighbors are nosey and too close by. Our neighbors once told us to stop smoking pot and when we told them we didn’t smoke pot they told us we were lying..... Not a safe neighborhood. Our car got broken into and wallet stolen. We would Hear gunshots at night. It’s close to the dangerous action in Hartford. Homeless people rummage through the trash cans. We know the girl who lived here before us, she had to move out becuase the homeless man the landlord took in brought with him bed bugs. The bed bugs spread to the upstairs and the landlord tried to make the girl who lived there pay for the extermination of her floor. The girl moved out becuase of the landlord and the bedbugs. The third floor residents have access to the second floor . They can lock from their side. But our side can’t lock it. So they can come down into your home when ever they please. I’m writing this to warn you, it is a mistake to live here. there are better options.

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