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Avoid renting here if you can. You will regret it as soon as you move in. The cons: 1. They will manipulate you into moving in by telling you they will renovate the kitchen and the bathroom but they never will!!!! The bathroom floors and tubs are dirty, old, and stained. The kitchen counters are damaged and the floors are old and stained. No amount of cleaning will help. They showed us an apparent that was in fair condition but the one we actually got was absolute garbage. They waited till the day we moved on to tell us we are getting a different apparent than the one they showed. 2. The kitchen and bathroom are infested with lots of COCKROACHES!!! Raid won't work!! You will spend hundreds of dollars on products to get rid of them. If you complain to management, they tell you that a company called Magic Pest Control will come in to treat your apartment. After they treat your apartment, the ROACHES will INCREASE in numbers.. the issue is so deeply rooted in the building infrastructure itself so there is always a risk you will get another infestation. 3. It's an unsafe neighborhood. The police are always at one of the two buildings (1970 and 1980). Since moving in, I saw SWAT teams raiding the building several times to deal with high-risk situations. 4. There are alot of people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. You will smell marijuana in the elevators everyday. You will get stuck in the elevators with weird people who are not completely in their right minds(drink or high). 5. Alot of radicalized Muslims live in this building. They will not interact with you if your not one of them and speak to you only to ask if your Muslim. They turned a room in the basement into some sort of Mosque. You will hear them pray at odd hours of the night if you do your laundry downstairs or if you park downstairs. There are a group of bearded men who will come knock at your door and ask for "brother" I don't know his name is here. You will tell them they are mistaken with the apartment number but they will keep coming back. 6. The elevators always break down. 7. The manager (Margaret) is rude, uneducated, racist, and ignorant. They will come inspect your apartment and will not fix anything. They will blame your for the damage that's was already there before you moved or simply cause because everything is old and nothing ever gets renovated. 8. They don't properly clear snow during the winter. Your car will slide and nearly hit the wall when you try to get in and out of the garage. If you park outside, you will get stuck in the snow. 9. They raise rent every year even though they don't fix or renovate anything. 10. So many pigeons live in the balcony and poop everywhere. 11. Lots of people own dogs and the dogs are very aggressive most likely because they are trapped inside small apartments which are in such poor condition. They will bark, jump, scratch, or bite you in the elevators. 12. Any visitors who parks outside in the visitors parking lot will get ticketed for not paying a very expensive parking fee. 13. Garbage chute rooms are poorly maintained and stink. 14. There is this women who asks you for money to go buy cigarettes all the time and will scream at people when they don't stop their cars or drive by. 15. They cut the water often to fix things. You will be left with no water for hours. You won't be able to cook or use the bathroom for 8+ hours 16. You will suffer from horrible coughs all throughout the year because of mold/ pest debris issues 17. If your a fairly attractive women, you will have creepy men stare at you without blinking anytime they see you. 18. Laundry room is dirty and poorly maintained. You will find hair in the washers and dryers. The washers don't wash well and the dryers don't dry well. Honestly, it a shame that some of us Canadian live in such poor conditions. You won't believe this building exists in a civillized and developed country like Canada. I am still in school and unfortunately couldn't afford a better place. The pros: You will live beside a decent supermarket (Metro), a Team Hortons, and a McDonald's. Advice: Do not move in here. Consider a basement apartment. It's a cleaner/cheaper option. One star rating is meant to be ratings of zero.

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