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Absolutely awful experience with this landlord. He gave me the keys a few days before the tenancy started, but when I moved in, my bedroom key didn't work. I had to wait several hours for him to come to the rental and give me the correct key. Our hot water cylinder started to randomly turn off a few weeks later, meaning we'd have to manually re-light it every morning. I asked the landlord several times to fix it. Initially he delayed, then said that he wouldn't fix it because I was the only tenant complaining. It did get fixed about a month after it broke, but it should have taken much less effort on our part. His wife also started threatening to charge us with a monthly cleaning fee, which would have been an illegal increase in rent under BC Tenancy Law, since it wasn't in writing, or given at least three months in advance. Luckily she never pursued this while I was living there. Several days before I moved out, I texted the landlord asking what he'd like me to do with the keys, and received no reply. A week later, I texted him again to acknowledge that I'd received my security deposit back, and he said I hadn't returned my keys. He told me to contact his assistant to arrange the return of my keys. He then wrote that if I ever returned to the rental, he would have me legally trespassed. At the same time that I received this threatening text, his wife called me and insisted that I should return the keys to the rental. I told her that I couldn't because of what her husband had said, but she insisted I do it anyway. At this stage I was sick of dealing with them, so I dropped the keys off and left. The landlord and his wife are both very difficult to communicate with, and don't make you feel welcome at all. Maintenance of the property is very minimal. Don't rent here, you'll hate it.

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