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I live in Unit B of 5106 Travis Edward Way at Stonegate Condominiums community. I am a current renter for this unit in communication with the landlord for 3 years. Please use caution before moving into this unit. The landlord expects you to repair everything that's been a reoccuring damage in plumbing, duct vents (walls been exposed from the vents-grey and blackened corners covered on the walls). There's lack of communication on the needs of the tenant when something goes wrong in the unit. This unit needs a lot of repairs. Please find another unit to live in the community, or else this landlord will put the responsibility on you to go through the county for repairs, in which they are responsible for taking care of the unit by getting it ready for tenants to safely live. The tenant before us, ran away, disappeared without paying rent after a month of dealing with this landlord. Please use caution. Find another unit in the community. I am warning you. Parking, too, you always need a guest pass to hang in your car, if you don't, your car will be towed no matter what! The landlord is unreliable, you're always liable for their incompetence.

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