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great neighborhood. 3 unit Apt complex, unit C fair Condition. Flaws: mold, rats: walls & outside, yellow water, flooded parking in light rain, easily flooded & year round muddy yard mixed with dog poop from tenants, outdated in need of repair wall a/c unit, no fire alarms, no fire extinguisher, very tight bathroom, small but decent kitchen living and bedroom size, not much natural light in bed and living area. comunal utility room metered and paid by my unit #c without given warning Or stated in lease! tenants have large pets that poop everywhere. Landlord and owner fail to make repairs in a timely and polite manner after constant notices. 7months to repair broken window caused by neighbors dog, 3 months to replace a broken washer, 1 year since notified of broken and outdated dryer w/o repair, 1 year since notified of rats without remedy, denied Keys to apt until after changing light to my name, even after already paying $900 deposit. Only to find out I was unknowingly paying for a comunal room w/ lights inside and out on 24hrs a day, 2 water heaters, washer/dryer, plus any appliances tenants occasionally used for cleaning or yard. Additionally! With permission of landlord, random handymen were caught by myself and tenets using washroom and laundry care items without tenant permission. Unit has no gas bill or water bill. You must care for your own lawn expenses. With 30+ years renting in Heights, this place is not worth it. A couple of hundred dollars more you can get more sq ft, Anemities and proper care, clean space, and live headache free.

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