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Horrible landlord. He repeatedly entered my apartment without knocking (once when I was in the shower). About two months before my lease was up, he e-mailed me and asked if I was planning on renewing my lease. Two weeks after I told him I was not, he sent his wife over to look at my apartment. She yelled at me for having cans of soup in my cabinet and books on my bookshelf (it was the Bible). She said she wanted to show my apartment the next week. I told her that was fine, but I would still have my things there. She said that it was "unacceptable" to show my apartment while I still had cans in the cabinets and food in my fridge. When I reminded her that I still had six weeks left on my lease and needed to eat she said, "That's not my problem." Then she started going through my bathroom and said it was "unacceptable" to have my toothbrush on the counter. I asked her repeatedly to leave (which was my right since she never told me she was coming over). She only left when I told her I had to talk to my lawyer. That got her to leave. $825/month for a one bedroom apartment to only be belittled, spoken to like a child and having my privacy and rights ignored was not worth it.

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