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If you plan to rent from the owner of this property, prepare to NOT get your security deposit back. He allows cats, however, this 4-year old house (which the landlord built, so he is especially attached to it as compared to the DOZEN other properties he owns in Eugene) has soft wood window sills that are barely coated with varnish. Any cat that jumps on the invitingly wide window sills will scratch the soft wood. There were scratches from the previous tenant. He doesn't charge a pet fee, but will allow you to have up to two cats but no dogs. Unfortunately for us, my 23 year old son got a "Fry Baby" for Christmas right after we move in two years ago. He likes to fry wings and french fries. The back room of the house is an old garage that the landlord moved to the property and attached to the house he built. We rented both. The "garage" has a concrete floor and a long sink and has been rented as a standalone unit in the past (no oven). Therefore my son chose to cook in his own "Kitchen". He realized the error of his ways each time he used it, since it covered the sink with grease splatter. He cleaned this every time he cooked. He also put down a rug on the concrete floor. This left a slight powder residue. I paid $500 to have the landlord's own cleaning gal (he also has an AirBnB over his garage) hoping that she would be up to his standards. She cleaned the house, but when he came through, absolutely NOTHING she did was good enough. He told me this via email at the same time he sent a two-page list of tasks he wanted completed in order to return my full deposit. This came 48 hours AFTER he knew the cleaning had been done and paid for. He also indicate both by text and email that NO cleaning service will be able to do the level of quality that he requires. He KNEW who I was hiring and if he didn't feel she (or anyone else) would not be adequate, he had nearly 3 weeks to inform me of that before I moved out. He also told me verbally that if I moved out earlier than the 30th he would pay me the difference in rent. I moved my date up to the 20th to accomodate a supposed "anxious" renter. He never got back to me that he had not rented the unit to her. I was under the impression after he told me he would return my rent for the final week ($700.00!!) that if I moved out earlier, he would pay me. I moved out and then he denied ever saying that. He did NOT return any extra money (asking me if I had that promise in writing, knowing full well he never wrote it) so I didn't receive that money either. I gave him a $2800.00 deposit. He returned $1,049.00 at the end of the day. He is mean, he was condescending and he was a liar. The worst communicator I have ever met. I would NOT recommend renting from this man at all, EVER.

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