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The landlord is very congenial in person, however..... He took most of my deposit stating that I had broken a storm window and some blinds. Both items were broken, but before I moved in. Also the apartment was filthy when I moved in. I cleaned it on move in and move out, but then he also took cleaning money from my deposit. There was never a walk through, the maintenance person dropped off the keys at move in. My finace helped me move in and suggested I report the broken storm window. I didn't, so now I'm paying the price, literally. I followed all of the legal procedures to try to get my deposit back, but being a college student, I moved back out of state and my only other recourse was small claims court, which is cost prohibitive for a person out of state. Beware! Protect your deposit with photos before and after and make sure you get what's owed to you within 14 days. If you're local to lincoln, follow through. I think this is a scam that is passed on from tenant to tenant. Those damages have probably been paid for many times over by tenants who didn't feel empowered to pursue their deposit. I hate to see him benefit by victimizing tenants.

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