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I lived in The Ferndale since it opened at the end of 2017 and it has been a decent enough experience. The building, because it is new, is nice enough. However, the layout of most of the suites is pretty ridiculous. Doors everywhere that clash into each other, hot and stuffy until you open the window, loud when you do. Street parking is tough, as it's primarily residential parking, and if you pay the $120/month for a parking spot you're going to be crammed into a little parkade. Biggest problem is the management company, who runs the place like a business first and foremost, rarely baring in mind that they are speaking of people's homes. Don't expect an ounce of leniency on anything, because Hunter-Mcleod loves to stick to the bare minimum that they must do and nothing more. Caretaker is a great guy and really cares, but he is just as much at the management companies mercy as the tenants are. I moved in at an already high rent in the area and the city, and the continuous max-increases each year has put my apartment well past the value of others. There are better options with better landlords for better prices in the city. And the doors, those god damn doors. Oh yeah and the elevator is slow and always broken, the parkade door sucks, the bike room is packed to the brim and impossible to maneuver in, and a storage locker is an extra $80 a month. Also the buzzer system is this stupid video system which is a feature no one wants and requires you to walk to the panel on the wall to buzz someone in. I don't know why they refused to put in a cellphone calling system, but here we are. You can do better.

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