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*** DO NOT RENT FROM JOE DEAS/GEORGE DAVID ON LORI ANNE LANE IN WINTER SPRINGS!!! *** Joe Deas is the owner but he has George David managing these duplex style houses. George David is very unprofessionally aggressive. If you come to him with an issue whether it's due to something needing repair or needing extra time for the rent, he does not care about it and threatens to evict to intimidate you into keeping your complaints to yourself. He does not keep up with city codes and only comes around to "check on" the neighborhood on his Harley Davidson intoxicated or under the influence, when it's time to collect the rent. He is very disrespectful to tenants, especially those of color, and will harass them into reacting to his behavior so that he can turn around and evict them. Read the lease before signing! They give you two days after the first of the month before starting the eviction process so if you unexpectedly fall into hard times and need a few days, they will not give you any grace because they know that the area is a very desirable area to live in... but people that quickly move in find themselves in a nightmare. Nothing gets fixed, the person managing the properties is highly unprofessional and uses intimidation to keep you quiet, many of the neighbors that are good friends with George David are using illegal narcotics in their homes and put your own families at risk for falling victim to or witness criminal activity, the yards are not kept to code, and if you're late with your rent expect to be evicted right away or go through uneccessary emotional distress by George David's threats. George David is a true SLUM LANDLORD and someone needs to report his behavior and how he treats the tenants of Lori Anne Lane to the city officials of Winter Springs!

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