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You can view the 311 database for the amount of issues this building has. The owner used to be involved and proactive decades ago but has since just used mediocre management companies that seem to have issues every few months with something (heat, hot water, electricity, etc.). The super is the type that will mess things up and blame them on you if he even wants to help you in the first place. He's MIA a LOT. The super and his company have been successful off of a deal to renovate the building and do otherwise whatever he wants. Calling management with issues won't hardly do a thing. There's rampant mail theft and the elevator hasn't WORKED IN ALMOST A YEAR. They've been "fixing" it for months and it's been horrible for the elderly, disabled and injured people in this building. Not to mention ILLEGAL. They only started working on the elevator when the department of buildings found out during an inspection and threatened to start fining them. Do you want to pay most of your income to live in a building with a slumlord, slum super and slum management? Come to 545.

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