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This is a gated community. Meaning it has gates surrounding entrances into the apartments. Cameras by main entrance. Beautiful courtyard. Next to St. Mary’s Park. Monthly parking across the street for $69/mo. Street parking usually available for free. Very attentive landlord! Super friendly and we have issues fixed within 24 hrs. Regular pest inspections, updated apartments. Not all apartments are updated yet so look at more than one. Ours has another set of locked doors, Keyless entry, faux fireplace, washer dryer in unit, 2 floors. They mounted our tv over fireplace for us, for a charge the next day, and are willing to work with you if you want changes to apt. We can just text Ravenhurst Properties or email and we will get a response quickly. Neighborhood is iffy. My car was stolen and wrecked when I parked it closer to Druid. Near Lexington Market so just be aware of your surroundings. Also near Mount Vernon. Central to events, library and museums.

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