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The landlord lives in the house with the tenants. The landlord will not sign contracts. They offer month to month verbal agreements only. The house is old and needs renovating. The landlord pours powdered bleach over all counter tops because they're too lazy to clean up after themselves (they use mental health issues as an excuse for their lack of hygiene). Refer to picture of entrance to landlords room for feel of hygienic. The room appears to be a hoarder room it reeks of cigarettes and urine because the landlord smokes inside and sleeps on a couch surrounded by garbage. The house has had rats/mice multiple times. The landlord will blame her Asian neighbours for this. The landlord works from home. The landlord will move people into different rooms if they find higher payees. The landlord will ask tenants to leave with little to no notice. I and two others were asked to leave with two weeks noticed during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is one parking space but it is apart of the downstairs rental agreement. The location is great. The neighbours are friendly. The cost of rent was good. It can be a livable place if you do not mind a filthy kitchen, refrigerator, living with a older landlord that can be irrational, living around the landlords filth and minding your own business.

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