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Do not move here. The landlords seemed nice, but right after we signed that contract, they acted like THEY still lived there. Telling us how to clean "their" house, certain chemicals we had to use, how to mow their lawn, how to hang pictures, wanted to park in our driveway to do work on their other house, took our trashcan and put it by the curb when my spouse does it every day when coming home (they were control freaks), always wanted to come over, blamed us for things happening to their house when it was already like that, very manipulative, texted and called us all the time, etc. We could only hang curtains with "small nails" (as if that will hold anything). They would show up every week (2 - 4 times per week) without proper notice. One morning they were standing in the yard talking real loud and looking towards our front windows while us and our two little girls were in there. They would never leave us alone because they were so attached to that house. We had to end up getting a lawyer and moving out early because it was so bad. We only stayed for 5 months. We had to get a hotel because of their constant bad behavior. They were harassing us. They would even have the young neighbors (two houses down from this one) spy on us. Found one of them behind our car one night looking at it. The landlords would ask us why we called the ambulance (the young neighbor couple would tell them and act like it wasn't them who said something). It was ridiculous. The landlords also own the house right next door and would do work over there when it was for lease just to spy on us. They would try and talk to us when we were in our backyard having family time (cause they were in the other house's backyard that they also owned). They would ask if they could come look at the backyard without proper notice. Right when we were getting ready to move, they acted like there was a showing for someone. It was really them and they showed up with their Realtor to walk through the house. All we wanted was boundaries with these people and they wouldn't respect that. They were horrible landlords. If there was such a thing as a "landlord's license," theirs should get taken away.

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