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Los Angeles Renters - You should avoid renting from Nolan Taft Management! This owner, Robert Nolan,  is a terrible owner and landlord.   He advertises units with appliances, and charges higher rent accordingly, but if the appliances need to be repaired or replaced, he puts the cost and responsibility on tenants.  If the heating or air conditioning goes out, he takes his time looking for the absolute lowest bid to make the repairs (taking weeks or months) and does not care if tenants are without the air or heat. His repair delays also caused seriously increased utility bills and other issues for tenants and he showed no concern whatsoever.   He advertises that there are security cameras on his properties, but they are fake and are not hooked up, so they do not work - therefore providing ZERO security, and no camera footage when cars or units are broken into.   He plays games with rotating tenants, and makes all tenants responsible for each other's rent and security deposits, so that he is never responsible for anything if there is an issue or someone moves out - even when the units are rented by individual rooms, and the roommates are strangers.  They make tenants find their own replacements or charge them. When you go to move out - he tries to charge you FOR EVERYTHING - paint, carpet cleaning, and all routine maintenance - things that are clearly the owners responsibility under California Law.  He just wants to bill it all to the renters and keeps their security deposits to cover his own routine maintenance costs. During the pandemic - if a tenant qualified for State Rental assistance due to a loss of job - he took it, but then spread it out over the entire unit- so that the individual who qualified based on their need for assistance, did not fully benefit from the financial aid, and others who did not qualify for State assistance benefitted, but everyone still had to make up the difference in the rent - again even if the rooms were rented separately to strangers. This owner and his company are very difficult to work with, and all decisions are made for their profit and not for the comfort and safety of, or cooperation with, the tenants.  He plays fast and loose with facts, care, and California rental laws, and hopes you will not notice or fight it.  You should avoid renting any property owned or managed by Nolan Taft Management!

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