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I was warned previously about the shadiness of Deborah's paperwork and her manner of dealing with applicants. I didn't listen however, and I can say whole-heartedly that this was by far the worst decision I've ever made in my life. I spent over 2,500 dollars living in this house for less than two months. We came to a break lease agreement, which she decided to discredit TWO times and inform us that we were going to be paying for the house the rest of the year. We were forced to get lawyers involved. There were multiple Oregon housing bar laws that she was breaking. Out stove tops lit on fire 6 times, which we were inclined to believe she knew about previously and failed to fix. Our back doors and living room windows didn't fully shut which left the house open to wind, weather and God knows what else. Then we found the black mold. In TWO places that had clearly been there for months. Only when we pointed out how badly she had failed to maintain a safe and livable environment for her tenants she agreed to let us break the lease. But now, a month later she is informing us that we owe her nearly 5,000 dollars. She kept our security deposit, deposit to hold, and my deposit in lieu of a cosigner which measures up to a whopping 4,195 dollars. Safe to say this was easily the worst experience anyone I know has ever heard of. DO NOT do business with Deborah Strolich. She is a shady, unreliable, conniving landlord and it's safe to say that she has ruined all of our credit and financial freedom for years to come.

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