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103 Kennedy Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA

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November 15, 2015
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The apartments are rent controlled by the government

Because the apartments are rent controlled by the government, it is in Lancer S & L's interest to make you want to move out because then they can raise the rent price when a new tenant comes in.

Lancer S & L are unresponsive landlords because it is in their interest to flip through tenants in order to beat the rent control system. Many former tenants report that they never gave their rental deposit back because of fraudulent repairs-because they never fix anything, including legitimate toilet and sewer line repair, they do not believe it is their responsibility.

During the winter time, Lancer S&L waits until a week before Christmas to turn on the main heating system. This results in annual visits by the Fire department when the carbon monoxide sensors go off because the building is being heating by tenants using their ovens to heat their apartments.

Stay far away from Lancer S & L, the management has an adversarial relationship with its tenants, multiple regulatory visits each season, incredibly gross infestations of bedbugs, roaches, field mice, and rats that go unattended until tenants call the DC regulatory agency.