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105 Sweet Birch Drive, Olin, NC, USA

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May 14, 2020
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I have lived here 7 years and its been a horrible exp,My landlord doesnt fix anything and theres holes in the walls.

secondly the landlord doesnt screen tenants and actually moved in tenants who were arrested for meth right next to me and my grandkids.
the cops eventually raided and arrested them but it was a bad exp.I have my landlord mow my grass and he mows once
a month so my grass is 3 feet tall for weeks at a time.

There is a speed limit of 10 miles an hour as you come into the neighborhood and ive had to call the landlord on a guy who goes at least 55MPH
everytime he enters the area to no avail the landlord does NOTHING about it putting me and my kids and anyone walking in the road in danger.

I will be moving soon and I would advise anyone to NOT rent this property it is in a mobile home park and the LLC is C&R properties STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM

There is also a park dumpster which stays full and I basically have to hoard my trash bags on my porch becuase the dumpster is always full.

The landlords name is David Millsaps and its in a mobile home park off of Jennings road in Olin NC you will be making a big mistake
if you ever rent any mobile homes from him

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