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1050 West 5th Avenue, Eugene, OR, USA

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December 2, 2018
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This is for the house in the back yard on the right hand side. The landlord may call this “the cottage”. It is not a cottage, a couse, a studio. It is a garage. At first glance you cannot tell. She has taken 2 dressers and stacked them on top of each other and fastened them together to hide the garage door. Shes then taken another large cupboard and placed it in front of one of the doors. The other door has a large industrial sink below what, at first glance, seems like a nice large window. This is all very deceptive. The wiring isnt professionally done. The floors are concrete. There is no insullation in the unit at all. It is incredibly difficult to heat. She provides an oil heater and there is a “shop fan” that will cause your electric bill to skyrocket. Nothing heats the downstairs effectively. There is a wood burning stove. After moving in she tells me i can only purchase my wood from her. Photos of the toilet and shower are never posted in her adds. They are make shift. There is no functioning fan and they are not enclosed. By that i mean when you look up, you see open beams and wiring. You walk in the front door and the toilet and shower are right there in the living space. It is just not a home. No matter what you try to do. It looks “cute” but it is a garage none the less. She gives you a list of about 15-20 rules you have to follow after you have paid first months last months and security deposit. The rules include having to ask permission for anyone to stay the night. So if you have a partner and want them to stay over, you have to contact her and ask. Or, put them on the lease. Same would go for a group of friends. Have a group of friends over, drink too much, it gets too late, you have to call and ask if they can stay. Many of the rules are petty and unlikely to be broken, however, they are your warning as to what living there is going to be like. Heed the warning. I am the 6th tenant to move in and out in 6 weeks from 2 units at this address. There is a landlord problem, not a tenant problem. She will overshare how thoroughly she “screens” people. My question then is, why has she gone through 6 tenants in 6 weeks? Live here and you will quickly find out.

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