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1059 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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October 9, 2018
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This building gets people to move in because it looks great at first glance with its laundry in building and small gym. However, the gym smells weird and is rarely cleaned, so it’s hardly used by the tenants because it’s gross. The washing machines break often and leave white marks on my black clothes from time to time. The marks don’t come off. Also, this building has a major (and growing) rat problem. We live on the ground floor and can here them fighting and running over our heads to the point where it wakes us up at night. And if one dies, we smell it. Management knows of this problem and does not act. We also have serious trash issues here. Management has received multiple citations and seems to be ignoring them, probably due to the lack of visits to the building from any owner/Manager. We have a neighbor above us somewhere who throws trash out of their window, attracting more pests, and causing a nasty, unhealthy view out our window. Not to mention the full and rotting trashcan right outside out bottom level window that no one will remove or deal with. And now to top things off, I fear mold in our bathrooms and I don’t trust management to send anyone reliable to test it. Just save yourself the hassle and don’t live here. This place looks renovated (in an overexcited tacky way) and new, but it’s all a facade, it’s the dirtiest most uncomfortable place I’ve yet to live in in NYC.

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