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10645 65 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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November 5, 2019
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The basement suite was nicely renovated but the owner above was inconsiderate to us as the renters below.

Parties would last all day and late into the evening on weekdays at least once a week.
Amenities that were promised like access to the backyard and firepit were unable to be utilized due to dog waste and uncut grass.
Another cause of noise was the young dog that would bark various times of the day and night.

Although the owner is very nice as a person, she failed to keep up her responsibilities as an owner and as a result of that we ended our contract early. Through the process of leaving the premises, the owner became verbally vulgar and difficult to communicate with. Unfair deductions in the damage deposit were attempted to be taken until we found out our rights through the tenant board.

As a renter make sure you know your rights and do not be afraid to stand up for them. Contact the landlord and tenant advisory board if you have any questions.