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109 Top View Road, Olin, NC, USA

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May 17, 2020
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I lived here from 2011 till 2012 I was evicted by an evil landlord named david millsaps.
1st off the landlord was having another tenant spy on me and my husband and the guy
spying for the landlord would come over and act friendly and then ask alot of personal stuff.

anything we shared went straight into the landlords ears from the trailor park spy he used on us.

In a 4 month span the water heater broke,the roof leaked and the front porch steps had to be redone.
It took 15 calls and about 3 and a half months for all of these issues to even get addressed.

the neighbor who was very nosy and intrusive was named ron johnson and he would walk over to
try and talk to us ALOT and my husband finally told him to get lost and then he complained to david millsap
the landlord and then david called us and told us to come into his office building he used.

he then sat me and my husband down and preceded to retell us everything personal we had told ron aka the nosey neighbor
and I was SUPER CREEPED out by it.after that he then evicted us when really we hadnt done anything other then tell the nosey neighbor
to get lost,I for one was happy as I wouldve moved anyway this address is in a mobile home park off of jennings road in olin nc
STAY AWAY from any homes for rent in there or youll most likely regret it.

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