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11 South Carey Street, Baltimore, MD, USA

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July 10, 2018
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This location is very unhealthy. I lived here for 3 months under a private landlord. Throughout these 3 months, nothing was fixed or updated in this home. There was feces in the basement from present rodents and i also found rodent entrance holes in my window seal outside of the kitchen windows. The kitchen floor had sunk in due to water leakage when it rained through both windows in the kitchen as well. The landlord/owner at this location was notified several times but did nothing. Also the window in the kitchen was boarded up and never fixed even after the money was given to the landlord from older tenant. The windows and front door could not properly lock and it has all sorts of holes and pipe exposure in the kitchen under the sink. I had a major fly problem once the summer really kicked in. I had to call someone in to find out the source and they were coming from the wall behind my stove due to moisture under the floorboard. Closets broken, backyard gate has no proper lock, railings in the home were loose, etc.. All this was to be fixed upon ny move-in. The landlord at this location is a slumlord and is not worth of being a renter. I filed for escrow and was harrassed afterwards. My lockes were changed illegally and i had no eviction or anything held against me, i had to call police just to get my set of keys for entry. Mind you all of this was done without notification to me which is trespassing. I would not recommend renting from him at all.