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110 North 34th Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA

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October 5, 2011
Management Company/Landlord
Building/Apartment Maintenance

Sol is the definition of a bad business man. As a landlord, I paid the rent, I did not hear from him, which is a normal deal. However, a few times he had people come and see the place without any notice. After addressing this issue of prior notification, the problem persisted for a few weeks before we started receiving calls. As a said he is a bad business man. He cares more about the money then the customers which is the main reason I am writing. A person who has rented because would have spotted this from the detailed and lengthy lease. The apartment overall was decent. General city problems such as mice. He repaired things after being asked a few times but his workers were nice and did a good job. However, my last impression Sol left me with was extremely sour and I am sad to say this because until this point I considered renting from him again. I did not receive my security deposit back due to small technicalities. I had spent a good 12 hours during the week of move out cleaning the apartment. I thought the place was really nice, better then I moved in. However, I was hit with a disinfecting fee for my cat (never mind that see kept away the mice), an appliance cleaning fee for a few crumbs in the freezer and on the stove and soap bubbles in the sink. Lastly, he charged for shoe marks on the wall. Yes, indeed he has the right to make these charges but by quibbling over small things he lost a returning customer. I hope that you read this and make your own judgement. The place is not bad but a little pricey. I liked living there when I did; however, he did not value me as a customer and took advantage when he could.