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11453 Ellerslie Road Southwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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May 22, 2017
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I lived here for three and a half years, and the problems or issues I found then are amazingly still the same this year.

In my experience, the management company has horrible communication skills (for example not notifying residents about parkade cleanings except for a note partially hidden on the overcrowded lobby bulletin board, but if your vehicle isn't out early that morning, your vehicle gets towed, you get billed for towing, and you pay for repairs if your vehicle was damaged when it was towed, so it is actually a really big deal).
I also didn't like the fact management company employees wouldn't always give legal notice of entry, and had a builders "master key" (and as of this year they still do), so they could just let themselves in whenever they wished.

In my experience, the basement/parking/storage areas are grimey and filthy (think industrial strength silt-type dark grey dust), empty cardboard boxes and trash litter the place (and fill some chain link fence walled storage cages), bait traps are visible, small abandoned appliances and empty plastic jugs from anti-freeze, etc. can easily be seen.
The only time the specific spots where you park a vehicle are clean is right after a twice yearly parkade cleaning (which leaves a silt haze for days, as well as terrible humidity from the water used underground).
I think there are still videos on YouTube about 11453 my former neighbour Allan made while he was stuck at home after knee surgery, and I think they showed the grubby level pretty accurately.

This building (and the three others on this property that are collectively known as Rutherford Village) is seriously lacking amenities. No exercise rooms, no visitor suites, no garbage chutes (you have to go into a garbage room in the basement to toss your trash), no lobby with furniture, no pool, no hot tub, no air conditioning, not pet friendly, nothing. But the rental prices are in keeping with MUDs (Multi Unit Dwellings) that DO have amenities out the wazoo, which makes no sense to me. Yes, heat, power, and water are included in the rent, but they're included in many, many Edmonton MUDs that do have amenities.

The balconies (412 and 410 in 11453, two balconies in 11441, one balcony in 11449 ) I've been on at Rutherford Village (and the corridors) have what I can only describe as a lot of "give" to them, which is understandable with plywood, I'm told, but the creaking noises and "give" (and extremely hard to clean balcony floor surfaces) don't inspire much confidence in me regarding safety. And yes, lighter, thinner friends and relatives noticed creaking and "give" as well.

Visitor parking is extremely hard to find. If you go through the management company to use Rutherford Village visitor parking, you're only allowed so many parking tags per month, the process is extremely complicated and arbitrary, towing is a common occurrence... :p
It's never been good (it used to be a free-for-all with vehicles parked on grass, in fire lanes, on sidewalks, sometimes abandoned for weeks), but it's still not a good system in my opinion.
Area strip malls have a strict time limit/no parking after a certain time/towing policy, and there's no street parking on Ellerslie Road, other than 18-wheelers who occasionally abandon their truck in a driving lane to go get a Tim Horton fix.

I left 412 because of water leakage from the ceiling (which led to black mold in the ensuite bathroom, bedroom, bedroom closet, linen closet), and because the then-landlord didn't make himself available to look at the problem and fix the problem... for months. And yes, I still have copies of correspondence from that time.

The pigeon issue doesn't seem to be as bad as it used to be, but in 412 I could hear pigeons on the roof, coo-ing (not as pleasant as you may think) before dawn all year round, and it sounded like they were wearing clogs. I'm a life-long bird lover, but those pigeons changed my mind forever about pigeons.They're noisy, filthy pests who mate any time and place they can, make sloppy "nests" in the eavestroughing, and bird crap (a LOT of bird crap), broken eggs, twigs (nesting material), and the occasional dead pigeon can end up on your top floor balcony (I still have photos).
The management company had a "solution" of coming into my home (shoes on), going out onto the balcony, grabbing a rotting, lice- and disease-infested dead pigeon, and carrying it out (not bagged) through my home, downstairs to a trash dumpster in the basement, so needless to say I bagged the dead birds (3) myself, wearing protective gear, gagging the whole time (they stink!) and threw them away myself. And fyi, when a bird dies with wings outstretched... it's hell trying to "fold" him later so he FITS into even the biggest trash bag. Pigeons up close are bigger than you might think.

Despite all this, I did this year decide (mainly because of lack of MUDs available that have elevators and include utilities and parking last December/January/February) to rent a unit in 11449 at Rutherford Village, (not on the 4th floor, so no pigeon issues, I wasn't going to store anything underground, and I was willing to jump through hoops (no choice) about visitor parking registration and verification and tags), but it didn't work out well at all and will be a review for that building address at a later date.

If it matters, as of April this year, the condo corporation board is again thinking about banning smoking on balconies. But they've been *thinking* about it for years, in my experience. With no air conditioning and no outside-mounted air conditioning units allowed, if you can't open a window or balcony door (no screens), you're cooked. If you have asthma due to second-hand smoke, you're Really cooked! :(

As for the heating in suites, it's baseboard heating that uses water, so if you open your window or balcony door between about October to May, the cold air will rupture the water lines (as posted notices from the management company warn), and you'll flood your unit, plus any unit under yours, which will cost you thousands of dollars and probably get you evicted. Why they didn't go for in-floor heating is still a mystery to me.

The huge, metal garbage dumpsters are dragged above ground twice a week for pick up, so if your unit faces the parking lot (RV calls it a courtyard), then get some good ear plugs. Likewise if your unit faces Ellerslie Road, which has never been busier now that it's part of a new truck route. There's also a huge cel tower just across Ellersie Road, across from 11441 and the building directly across from 11453 (the # escapes me atm), so if you're twitchy about things like that, be warned.

The two elevators in 11453 had a lot of issues while I lived there, but one was always working when I needed one (I used a walker after a car accident).

I stand behind my comments, and I'm familiar with Canada's Fair Comment laws.

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