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11A Mount Vernon Street, Boston, MA, USA

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August 30, 2018
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DO NOT LIVE HERE. No upkeep of the building, the grass is (no exaggeration) cut once a year so its like living in Jumani, second floor tenant who is clearly a hoarder keeps trash in the hallway that is rarely taken out so the entire building smells like a mix of hot trash and cigarette smoke. Very run down place with no effort to make it better, the window frames are so old its hard to keep the apartment hot/cold with the massive drafts. We had to fight to get pest control to come out and take care of a raging mouse problem. After pest control left he gave us a list of issues to fix to combat the problem, we passed it onto the landlord who did not complete one task on the list. Getting in contact is nearly impossible unless you knock on his apartment door and he happens to be home. You will call and leave voicemails that will go un-returned, even if you call 3x a day. They do not answer texts, do not have e-mail, and occasionally have a voicemail box set up.

The biggest issue was the harassment. He lives on the first floor and believes that he can set rules for when guests can and can not come over. He tried to limit my boyfriend to coming over Friday night - Sunday evening, but could not comprehend that he has no legal right to tell me when I can have guests over. He took to ambushing my guests as they left no matter the time, telling them they better not come back or he will call the cops or that they owe him money for living there. I have sat down and have had to have multiple conversations about this with him but he is set in his opinion and will just continue the harassment until the day you leave. It has been torture to finish out my tenancy here and there is smoke on my heels as I leave this apartment.

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