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1213 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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February 22, 2017
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I rented in this building for several years, and despite any positives regarding the building itself and the neighbours, I would strongly advise against renting any apartment in this building or in any building in Brooklyn from Barbara Spence - the landlord. The experience of having Barbara Spence as a landlord was incredibly negative and stressful, and I would discourage anyone from engaging with her. She continuously lied, manipulated and bullied me in attempts to get her way materially and legally. On several occasions her actions warranted potential claims of harassment and/or retaliation under NY law - given that she arguably intended to illegitimately force us out and/or compelled us to give up our rights, and interfered with our privacy and comfort. Further, she misrepresented the law on several occasions, including filing a false claim of rent nonpayment. She is two-faced and deceitful, and in my opinion appears to be delusional and not mentally stable. She also appeared to indicate homophobic tendencies as a motivation for attempting to force us out. (Although this cannot be verified.) Ultimately, in the interest of having her out of our lives as swiftly as possible, I did not pursue these claims. I would strongly warn others from renting from her in order to respect their sanity, time and money.