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1251 Le Roi Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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June 30, 2016
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Please avoid this place at all costs!!!! , it has a history not paying back the full damage deposit even after cleaning the place with professional hire to the best standard. 2 people who stay in the same place before me had this problem.
The landlords wife Haruyo Fernando is a horrible woman she will always complain if you watch tv at normal volume and her kids upstairs always jump up and down and cry and wont let you sleep. When my spouse came over to stay for 2 weeks she would constantly check and question her. The landlord Mike fernando is a nice enough guy but he is controlled by his wife who makes it really annoying posting signs on your door about moving the trash collector bucket to the road. They will wait till the last minute to do the damage deposit check and give you 10 percent of your deposit already written down on the check. They are very loud upstairs as they rent the 1st floor out. I had a Horrible experience living here! and I travel a lot.