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13083 Quarter Horse Drive, Corona, CA, USA

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December 22, 2015
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We moved into this property after having given a move-out notice to our apartment complex. We were in a tight spot and wanted to move into a house ASAP. We found this property, which was not our first choice, but had too many problems getting the landlord, Mr. James Wu, to do any repairs so that we can move in as we had agreed to. The Landlord kept asking us to pay the money and sign the contract stating that he will perform all the repairs later. We rejected that and finally got him and his wife to clean the house up and make it presentable enough for us to move in.

After we moved in, we continued to have numerous issues with the house and had a flooded backyard that brought us tons of Flies and Mosquitoes. After giving up on the Landlord addressing this issue, we purchased $300 worth of stones from Home depot and had to replant the lawn seeds to minimize the flood - The Landlord refused to repair the floods or pay us back for these expenses.

Finally, when our lease was almost up with couple weeks to go, Mr. Wu gave us an ultimatum - Sign a new lease with rent increase or get out. Given that we were not provided with a 30 day rent increase notice, and our contract did NOT stipulate the we give a move-out notice, we moved out (kind of got evicted for no fault of ours - really). We cleaned, painted and got the house much cleaner than when we moved into it. Although Mr. Wu agreed with these findings, he never returned our deposit of $3,100. When questioned about that 2 months later, Mr. Wu stated that we did not give him a 30 day move-out notice even though he is the one who essentially broke the lease by NOT providing us with a 30 day rent increase notice nor were we required by the lease agreement to give any move-out notice.

We are currently in litigation with the Landlord, James Wu, and we have no doubt that we will win the case based on the Tenants Statues of the state of California and our Attorney's advice. However, it is a very time consuming process and such a bad experience having dealt or done any business with Mr. James Wu and/or his wife Regina Wu.

Be aware --- Stay away from these folks --- They will rip you off at any and every opportunity they can. Oh yeah, and by the way, they hardly speak any English :)