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133 Monica Drive, Olin, NC, USA

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May 22, 2020
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My name is Brian Baker and my mom shirley lived at this address for almost 20 years and owned the home but not the land.
The landlord was a peice of crap turning on my mom becuase she had fed some stray cats and they were hanging around her home
and the landlord went and evicted her just for that having the cats around. after her being there for 17 years and not being any trouble at all.

My mom refused to leave at first so the owners of the mobile home park David and Monica millsaps egged on the other neighbors to yell at her
and make her misreble till she finally moved.The mobile home park is owned by david millsaps and the LLC is C&R properties these people are
insane and I would advice that you never move in this dump.

The mobile home park is run like the tenants are slaves and its not right

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