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1355 Kalmia Road Northwest, Washington, DC, USA

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July 9, 2012
Management Company/Landlord
Building/Apartment Maintenance

I lived in an English basement apartment owned by Valerie Mann for a year. At first it seemed like a good deal ($975 a month including internet). But her personality is horrendous. She's a control-freak (told me where I should park my car) and was hesitant to address mishaps that came up including a gas smell from an oven and a broken dryer. She has no professional skills as a landlord and once had me on the phone for an hour discussing my "personality problems" and how I wasn't nice enough to her or her dog. She is toxic and terrible. When my lease was up and I told her I was moving out, her terrible ways got even worse. First she kept on telling me to paint the walls and shampoo the carpet (nowhere in the lease did it say that) and then during the walk-through she asked me to come back and clean some more! She docked money for a burn mark on the carpet but it took her 2 1/2 months to return the remainder of my security deposit. Then when I asked her for the money she was downright awful to me. The only reason I'm not taking her to court (she never provided an itemized deduction of the the money she kept or interest from my security deposit) is because she is a dreadful person and I never want to see her again. Stay away at all costs!