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1390 Newton Street, Denver, CO, USA

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March 1, 2012
Management Company/Landlord
Building/Apartment Maintenance

I am pleased to announce that I am moving from Richard Steggs' property at 1390 Newton St. Denver CO, 80204. Be advised! this house is in disrepair, don't let another layer of paint fool you. When we found the ad, it was pro-porting that this house is a 4 bedroom/2 bath for $1100/mo. It's really one unit of a triplex (probably a converted property to fit more renters in it) that has 2 real bedrooms upstairs and 2 large storage areas in the basement, one of them containing a toilet and stand-only shower (not private). Somehow these were supposed to be "bedrooms". When we saw what the 2 "bedrooms" downstairs really were I was tempted to talk him down to a more reasonable price, but we decided to rent anyway and made the rooms work. This was no big deal once we we're settled in by April 2010. The real problems didn't start happening until the next fall when our furnace turned on. The house reeked of cigarette smoke for days as the vents sputtered out meager, tepid puffs of lukewarm air. The ventilation is very dirty and we had all come down with coughs/head colds within the first two weeks of the furnace running. On top of this, the house is of 40s era construction, and the windows are completely original. They are single paned swing-style, and even if they once had weather seals, they are now completely disintegrated and the windows are worthless for holding heat. You will definitely need to put plastic over the windows to prevent the heating from running ALL THE TIME (not an exaggeration). Needless to say, our energy bill was sky-rocketing and the house was rarely even warm. We wanted to shut off the furnace completely and just wear more layers, but the terms of our lease required us to keep it at 65 degrees to prevent the pipes from freezing. I eventually called Mr. Steggs to ask if anything could be done about it, he said no, just turn up the thermostat. I suggested that he cleans the ductwork and said he would consider it. A week later he called us back and said he wanted us to move out because he was concerned for our health and he wanted to clean the ventilation. We we're appalled, and said no, we had a lease agreement good for 4 more months. He claimed to have "lost" the lease and that we should just move out. We had no copy of our own (A mistake I will never make again). There were a number of other problems that were eventually taken care of but the windows still don't hold heat and the 60 year old ductwork still blows dust everywhere. This whole experience left me thinking that we have no say as tenants and are just at the mercy of those who really own the property.