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140 Front Street, Binghamton, NY, USA

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September 27, 2012
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First, read these reviews.

I swear I did not write any of those.
seriously, they need to go to jail. absolutely rude, they made me cry too. (for their fault. Doesn't make sense, right? anyone would cry in that kinda situation.) the other person right before me who rated this apartment are 120% telling the truth. and the manager and landlord both screamed at me, even if there was NOTHING i've done wrong. They made mistake and they simply did not want to admit it, so they screamed at me instead taking responsibility of it. renting this place is biggest mistake in my life. no utilities included thus you gotta pay for gas, water, elec, and internet(which simply go over $100/month). If you have a car, it s $50 per month(which will result additional $600 per year.) So some people might think that 'huh, this apartment must be damn luxurious!' well, it is VERY, very old apartment, The floor makes horrible sound when you walk around. When I moved in, which I vividly remember, there were old and gross gums on my carpet.(and they said they shampooed it twice, are you kidding me?) The ceiling was cracking, so the dry painting was falling to the floor. I want to give zero star. They do not deserve even one. People, please be aware of this apartment. this people are greedy, way more than rude, will scream right at your face, and don t know how to do business.

It was such as waste of my time and money.