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1400 Park Avenue, Baltimore, MD, USA

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September 30, 2018
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Love the neighborhood and the yard. Has a shared washer/dryer in the basement and dishwasher. Only AC is window units. There is no parking for the property- you have to pay for an area permit.

The landlords are a nightmare to deal with, and incredibly rude when confronted. Difficult to reach, even more difficult to get them to address issues, and never keep their appointments.Neither do their contractors on the rare occasions they are called in, sometimes showing up without notice after 6pm. Had to have a full-on argument with a guy weedwacking the lawn (at the landlord's behest) at 9pm because he insisted on finishing, despite having damaged some of my own personal property while doing so. The amount of disrespect they have shown is truly astounding when you add it all up.

We've had people let into our apartment with no prior notice on at least one occasion, violating both the lease and our privacy. We have caught several mice who travel freely between holes in the walls and floor. Roof leaks go on for MONTHS. Our attempts to leave the lease early keep being thwarted by the landlords refusal to communicate or address issues.


The roof leak lasted a year before it was fixed, but there is still damage and **MOLD**. There are still holes in the walls and floor. There is now a *second* leak inside a wall (and right above an ungrounded outlet) which they have neglected for weeks. As far as leaving the lease early, they've just ignored us entirely on that since this initial post was made.I cannot express how frustrating being a renter here has been. I'd advise skipping this apartment, as well as the other properties that they own.

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