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1414 Gustav Street, Houston, TX, USA

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February 6, 2018
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The landlord at this location is awful, i just moved here a month ago and i have already received a notice to vacate for smoking on the property. I talk to the landlord about it and he had no qualms then all of a sudden gives me a notice to vacate. The landlord lives upstairs does not have a car and does not let you park on the driveway. There is no sound barrier between the bottom and top floor so i can hear his every move, word and TV show. He complains multiple times about my music but doesn't take into consideration i can hear his elephant steps all day every day. He is rude and shady, when i first moved in my toilet exploded and he tried to put the blame on me and wouldn't help me clean it up, this is not only illegal i come to find out but just rude. The building is in good shape with very little closet space. The appliances are old and outdated but it does have central AC and a fournace which is great for cold. I would not recommend living here, or dealing with the landlord above unless you are a silent 80 + yrs old person with no life or friends. The yard is in good shape and has a large backyard but dont expect to get much use out of if because the landlord has cameras in the front and back and will watch your every move and then criticize you and constantly tell you to be quiet. The guy claims to be rich but has no car and rents his unit downstairs. Multiple tenants have complained who have lived here i come to find out, with negative experiences.

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