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14323 Barrymore Street, San Diego, CA, USA

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November 1, 2018
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Overall, l enjoyed living in the unit. The neighborhood is safe and quiet which is really nice. Plenty of street parking. The closest fwy is HWY 56. During the summer it gets extremely hot, the ceiling fan is not enough to cool down the place and there's no A/C.

The landlord was nice until it came to my last 30 days of living in the unit. Landlord's son handed me a rent increase notice Oct. 2 and said it was a 30 day notice and wanted the rent check if I chose to stay by Nov. 2. I assumed my move out date would be by Nov 2. She became rude and incomprehensive. She showed the unit even after I told her I was uncomfortable with my place being shown. Then I received a noise complaint while my boyfriend and I were having a normal conversation. I moved out Halloween night, while in the process of taking my things out of the unit she texted me twice, emailed me, and left a screenshot of our conversation, within an hours timespan, that I needed to move out Oct. 31 and vacate by Nov 1.

The last 30 days were really frustrating and stressful with her.

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