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145 Craig Henry Drive, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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March 22, 2016
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E.N (landlady) asked for a security deposit despite it being illegal in Ontario.

The place was illegally wired and a serious fire hazard.

She promised full kitchen for when we moved in, yet we waited a month for a stove and two weeks for a fridge. When the fridge got here, she plugged it in via an extension cord (the electricians said this is highly dangerous and illegal).

There was no carbon monoxide detector for six months.

There was one instance where she actually opened our mail. Another instance where she withheld mail, if we had not happened to see it on her counter we would never have received it. She did not inform us when door-to-door mail delivery stopped despite her being informed, and then got mad at us when we called Canada Post and got new keys, claiming somehow, that we should have just asked her for the keys.

There were multiple instances of her leaving soiled (excrement) laundry in the washing machine on days we were supposed to use it. She left soiled (once again read as excrement) laundry sitting in the walkway to our apartment for multiple days, the smell literally had us gagging and we had to hold our breath to get past it. The sink that the laundry drained into was clogged for several months and would overflow into our unit, running down electrical wires and soaking wood. She never once offered to clean up the mess (the water was brown and full of lint). We lost three sets of toothbrushes because of this as it leaked right into our bathroom.

We had to deal with a window being placed in our unit despite promising it would be done beforehand. When the window was finally installed we had to clean up the massive amount of dry wall dust in our unit.

After receiving a record 52 cm of snow our unit was literally blocked off as we could not open our door. She had no shovel so we had to clear a path by hand after one day of her not rectifying the issue.

We paid for internet and she changed the password one day without telling us.

She and her son are exceptionally loud and she had multiple parties without any warning.

The neighbourhood is very quiet, speed limit of 40 km so you do not hear traffic. Right across the road from a bus stop that goes to Algonquin college and Bayshore mall which is convenient. Within walking distance (15 minutes) of a Shopper's Drug Mart and Metro. Close to a nice park with two tennis courts. In a basement, down stairs so if you are handicapped do not even consider it!

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