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149 Oakridge Boulevard, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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May 17, 2018
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My friends and I rented this house for two years. When we re-newed our lease, he tried to charge us alot more than what was legal. Luckily we had one of our roommates parents at the meeting, and they had a bad feeling that he would try to pull this stunt on us; and showed him the paper works and that he was only allowed to charge us so much.

The basement flooded, and he was aware of this, but failed to tell us. Alot of our furniture was destroyed. There is black mold in the basement. We told him multiple times about the mold; and he thinks that mold refers to mushrooms, and denied the mold.

Carbon Dioxide alarm was 10years expired. Fire alarms don't work most times.

The house was disgusting when we first arrived. He said that it would be cleaned before moving day. I had to scrub the walls because it was so grubby. There was still trash left from the previous tenants.

He becomes very aggressive easily, and difficult to talk to.

Only positive thing is that it's close to Algonquin college, and the neighbourhood is very nice.

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