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15 Langside Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

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September 16, 2020
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Landlord seemed nice at first. Found out that I was completely wrong. Illegally raised rent for for years (short notice, over text, and double the legally allowed amount) and knows that this is illegal yet is still continuing the behaviour. House is run down; water leaking everywhere (hallway, washroom, living room). Hole in the windows and exposed power plugs. Electric circuitry isn't great. Power goes out often and just found out that there was an electrical fire a few years ago. Mice, and spiders, centipedes and carpet beetles downstairs. Wasps, carpenter bees, and their nests in the chimney. Mould and grout will grow like weed if washroom is not cleaned every couple days. The landlord is hostile and cheap. Will enter unit without consent. Has no conscience and will blame the tenants for everything, saying he's done a lot for you and that he is a nice guy. Please do not trust him or rent from this guy.